What is engine rebuilder?

Looking for a solution to get rid of your old damaged engine? Rebuilding an engine is an efficient way to save money, time and getting an engine with new condition. It is the technique of thorough inspection and cleaning for getting rid of debris and broken parts to get the fully functional new engine.

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We are your trustworthy engine rebuilder, supplying and installing essential components for major brands like Daewoo, Daihatsu, Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, or Toyota.

How much will it cost to rebuild my engine?

The average cost of rebuilding engine is depended on the type of engine you’re rebuilding. Here is the list of estimated costs for rebuilding a worn out used engine, based on vehicle models:

  • 84-95 22R Toyota Pickup 4×4 – $2850 – $3600
  • 00 Ford Escort 2.0 SOHC – $2900 – $4350
  • 97+ Ford truck\van V6 4.2 – $2900 – $3800
  • 96-01 Ford truck\van 4.6-5.4 V8 – $3675 – $4475
  • Typical water-cooled four-cylinder engine – $400 to $500
  • A six-cylinder engine – $500 to $600
  • An eight-cylinder engine – $600 to $700
  • Chevy small block eight cylinder – $1,200 or more

These costs can vary with time and if you wish to add block and head machine work in your engine reconditioning. The price might go up by approximately $400.

If you are searching for an affordable option, then an Engines Plus rebuilt engine is remarkably inexpensive as compared to the new. We offer competitive delivery rates to all parts of Australia.

What does it mean for an engine to be rebuilt?

It really lower cost and higher efficiency when you decide to rebuild your engine. Due to its unique rebuilding process including dismantling, inspecting and cleaning of old engine parts, you get a cost-effective option with vehicle efficiency.

Benefits of Engine Rebuilding:

  • Increases fuel economy and horsepower
  • Reduces need for repairs
  • Fully functional
  • Perform better and run smoother

Using extensive experience and precise tools, Engines Plus does a thorough inspection, cleaning and rebuild your engine from the ground up. You will get an enhanced brand-new engine with increased performance.

Why would I rebuild my engine?

As a part of the auto maintenance, doing an engine rebuild is sometimes essential for your automobile to function well.

Mainly, there are two reasons for engine rebuild: defective seating piston rings and damaged engine bearings. Other than this, loss of compression, excessive oil consumption or oil clearances are also the common reasons that you should consider for engine rebuilding.

Signs That Recommend Your Vehicle Needs an Engine Rebuilding:

  • Banging sound:
  • If the bearings are not lubricated properly, then they begin to fail and will create a high volume knocking noise. So, before the engine is rebuilt it should be analyzed.

  • White exhaust:
  • Due to worn piston rings the oil burns with gasoline and it causes your exhaust smoke to be white. If oil burns, then it suggests that the engine is not working properly and it is the correct time for engine rebuilding.

  • Metal flakes found in engine oil:
  • When you change your oil, be sure that the oil is inspected for metal flakes as it creates metal friction internally in the engine. Due to this, oil doesn’t flow properly within the engine, which creates the need of engine rebuild.

Are you experiencing any of these issues? Don’t worry! We are your reliable engine rebuilder in Melbourne!

Is it worth to rebuild an engine or repair it?

Depending on the age of vehicle and condition, you can take the decision of engine rebuilding. Various factors that you need to consider before deciding on engine rebuild:

  • Decide whether you want engine rebuild on new or existing vehicle
  • Before engine repaired consider a full vehicle inspection
  • Keep in mind total cost projected for engine repairs and maintenance

Considering these factors, if you are in search of engine rebuilder in Melbourne who provides fully functional engine rebuilt service, then Engines Plus is your ultimate choice. Call us at 1800 656 790 or (03) 8550 9111 and get a satisfactory service.