Trusted Engine Reconditioning Provider in Melbourne

Using modern equipment, we are able to recondition your vehicle engine quickly resolving the faults. We pride ourselves on providing excellent reco engines in Melbourne with 12 months warranty.

We are the leading suppliers and installers of reconditioned engines for renowned brands like Daewoo, Daihatsu, Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota and more.

What is engine reconditioning?

Are you experiencing any issues with your vehicle’s engine? Is it blowing smoke or is it unresponsive? All problems – one solution; go for engine reconditioning. It is the maintenance of used engine to enhance its performance and efficiency.

At Engines Plus, we provide you quality engine reconditioning in Melbourne which not only saves you money but also increases vehicle efficiency. Having years of experience, we have built an outstanding reputation based on leading expertise and superior customer service.

What does a reconditioned engine mean?

Rebuilding a damaged engine may be a more cost-effective option than full replacement. From bearing, gaskets to seals, everything is replaced wherever necessary.

A reconditioned engine is an engine that has been inspected and rebuild using new parts where required. If the process is done correctly than reco engines is considered as a new engine with all the performance, economy and reliability.

Reconditioning enhances engine looks and intended to work smoother. Hence, whether your needs are for engine assembly, balancing or component machining, Engines Plus have latest tools and capacity to professionally satisfy your needs.

Engine Reconditioning Process

All vehicle models have different engine designs and understanding of these designs will help to accomplish top quality reconditioned or reco engines. The process of engine reconditioning includes thorough cleaning, measuring and checking each engine and its components.

In order to remove dirt, grime, oil, and debris, everything is put into a hot acid tank for the chemical cleaning process. It is considered an important process, if the components are badly damaged like oil pump failure or small bits of metals are left in the engine. After cleaning all the separate engine components, they are put into the place where they are reconditioned. There are mainly four types of the process used for reco engines:

  • Cylinder Head Diagnosis & Repair Process
  • If cylinder head is to be diagnosed and repaired, then firstly the components are disassembled, chemically clean and checked for valves, collets condition, and valve spring pressures. It is checked for height, hardness, pressure, and straightness with the help of submersible pressure tester. This inspection is done to resolve any issues related to cracks or leaks.

    After the final inspection, the report and quotation are prepared as a part of engine reconditioning process. You can save hundreds of dollars with our correct advice on cost of the reconditioned engine.

  • Crankshaft Diagnosis & Repair Process
  • This is considered as the most common issue occurring due to the engine ends getting damaged. This results in engine producing a loud knocking sound. If you observe any such sound, then it should be repaired immediately.

    By removing material from the shaft in the grinding process and replacing and installing oversize bearings, the crankshaft can be machined back to working condition. At the end, inspection is done using a black light and Magnaflux equipment, to find the hidden cracks.

  • Conrod Diagnosis & Repair Process
  • Generally, conrod repair process involves thorough cleaning and checking done with magnetic particle inspection. After that, the rods are checked for straightness to avoid any bend or twist in the rod and save from future failure.

  • Engine Block Diagnosis & Repair Process
  • If you have observed any engine block issues then it is recommended to repair it soon. The main causes of this problem can be overheating, loss of oil pressure, the age of vehicles, insufficient maintenance or any mechanical failure. You can fix all these major issues with us. We are your trusted reco engines provider in Melbourne.

Engine Reconditioning Equipment

These are the equipment used for engine reconditioning:

  • Balancing machines
  • Blasters
  • Borers
  • Head machines
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Conrod machines
  • Grinders
  • Crack detectors
  • Valve equipment
  • Hones
  • Pressure testers